Invited to present an exhibition in the Glasshouse of the Chão das Artes, Nuno Alecrim invokes the senses and uses materials gathered from this Botanic Garden.
Every corner of the Glasshouse is dedicated to one of the senses, through a compelling, minimalist graphic work.
Climbing plants, edible flowers, aromatic plants, spices, wool, ropes and different textures lead the visitor to discover which of the five senses is represented in the work they are seeing, also making this site-specific work a piece that evolves throughout the year, in accordance with the seasons.
2017-03-18 18.53.11 1473401696158966884_2270417839.jpg
2017-02-03 15.58.04 1442148203835434719_2270417839.jpg
2017-02-08 14.01.52 1445713595690541115_2270417839.jpg