There are more than 150 artistic interventions in Fanzara streets, testimony to the work of 73 artists during the five editions of the festival.


The Museo Inacabado de Arte Urbano MIAU (Unfinished Museum of Urban Art) is a project in constant evolution and growth, which was born with the aim of being a social movement that fostered coexistence among the residents of the small town of Fanzara. The project quickly became a collective experience of coexistence, collaboration and reciprocal exchange of learning between artists, neighbors, volunteers and organizers, all through urban art.

   This transfer of the most innovative urban art to the walls of the rural world, making clear that art should not only be in museums but part of the daily life of people, together with that spirit of solidarity and coexistence between artists and citizens - a hallmark of MIAU - is what has given this unique museum worldwide recognition in the specialized field of urban art and made it one of the most visited in Europe.

   Walking through the streets of Fanzara means walking through the MIAU: a museum without doors or rooms where you can enjoy what the fusion between the contemporary and the traditional has been able to create in this place.